Residential Services

Soto ALG offers housing for special needs adults in Augusta, Ga who require intense levels of residential support in small group settings of four or fewer or in host home/life-sharing arrangements. Services include a range of interventions that focus on training and support in one of the following areas: eating and drinking, toileting, personal grooming and health care, dressing, communication, interpersonal relationships, mobility, home management and use of leisure time. 

 Soto ALG provides group housing for special needs adults in Augusta, Ga.

Community Living Arrangement (CLA)

Community Living Arrangements (CLAs) are licensed homes for special needs adults that serve up to four adults aged 19 or older with a direct care team member present to provide support as needed. The homes blend into the community and are not readily identifiable as a group home.  

 Soto ALG provides housing for special needs adults in Augusta, Ga. with host homes.

Host Home

Host Homes are private homes of individuals or families in which life-sharing residential supports are provided. Host homes can serve up to two adults aged 19 or older in the home and are often compared to foster care for special needs adults. The residents share the lives and activities of the family they live with.