Medicaid Waiver

All Services provided by Soto ALG are funded through the NOW/COMP Medicaid waivers. Soto ALG offers appointments to assist you in applying for a waiver for yourself or loved one.  


Step 1

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) is able to provide 27 services to individuals with developmental disabilities through the NOW/COMP (New Options Waiver/Comprehensive) Medicaid waivers. These services provide over and above what typical Medicaid covers. According to the DBHDD website, "a developmental disability is a chronic condition that develops before a person reaches age 22 and limits his/her ability to function mentally and/or physically." Common diagnosis include intellectual disability, downs syndrome, and autism.

Step 2

A list of the services that families can chose from in the NOW/COMP waiver is found at: NOW/COMP Services. Common services include day programs, residential services, at-home services, specialized medical equipment or supplies, prevocational and supported employment, etc. There is an application and qualifying process for the NOW/COMP waivers. Online applications are found here:
NOW/COMP Application.

Check out this resource for most of the answers to your questions about the NOW/COMP waivers:

Step 3

Completed applications and accompanying documentation is turned in to the Regional DBHDD office (Augusta is in Region 2):
Intake & Evaluation Team
Phone: 706.792.7741
Toll Free:  1.877.551.4897

Regional Coordinator
3405 Mike Padgett Highway, Building 3
Augusta, GA 30906
Phone: 706.792.7733
Fax: 706.792.7740
Toll Free: 1.866.380.4835

If an individual already has a NOW/COMP waiver, then please contact our Day Services Director, Daryl Hawthorne, or one of our Residential Directors, Shanika Lunceford and Gerry Glenn, at 706.426.4200 and notify them of your interest in Soto ALG services.

There are waiting lists for these waivers. It is important to apply as soon as possible for your child so that funding is available when you need it. For families who need day or home services after their child graduates high school, it is advisable that you apply for a waiver during or before their 10th grade year. It's never too early to apply! It is also important to fully disclose your loved one's support needs (think of everything someone else would have to do if caring for your family member) and family situation.


Need help filling out the medicaid waiver application? We are here to help!
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