Day Services

Our programs foster skills that bolster lifelong learning and support a foundation that lets any individual thrive. Our activity center provides trained staff who tailor activities for the best growth in each person.

We offer three distinct ways of learning and growing at Soto ALG: Community Access Groups, Prevocational training, and Community Access Individuals (CAI).

Soto ALG's day programs for adults with disabilities include community access groups for more social activity and skills training.

Community access group

Our Community Access Groups create social environments where adults feel safe and welcome to express themselves while making new friends. Activities focus on improving social capabilities, developing self-help skills for more independence, and increasing each person's ability to adapt to new environments so they can function more easily outside the home.

Community Access Groups are available through the Soto Learning & Activity Centers to adults ages 19 and up, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Soto ALG's prevocation services as part of our day programs for adults with disabilites prepare everyone for paid or unpaid employment. Skills include problem solving, task completion, and a focus on safety.


Prevocational services focus on development of skills needed to enter the workforce. Tasks revolve around compliance, attendance, task completion, time management and problem solving while emphasizing safety in everything they do.

Trained staff work with each adult to improve social abilities needed to work successfully in a team setting and feel more comfortable relying on themselves and others to achieve success.

Soto ALG's Community Access Individual program feature a 1:1 ratio to increase active participation outside the home. And it is a standard part of our day programs for adults with disabilities.

Community access individuals

Provided on a 1:1 ratio with participants, Community Access Individual (CAI) services give specialized training and attention to adaptive skills needed for a person's well-being.

They work with each person at their own pace, helping improve social abilities, increasing connections in the community, building confidence in their abilities, and problem solving to overcome obstacles they may face outside the home.

CAI tailors daily activities within the community, creating a more comfortable environment to foster social growth and building friendships needed to succeed.

CAI is available during normal day program hours from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., in the evening, and on